Are you looking to gain a clearer life perspective and cultivate more calmness in your life ?

Barbara Cook author Geelong

Hi, I’m Barb Cook. I wrote a book called “Good Choice – A Soul’s Story” and I dedicated it “to those who are sleeping and are ready to awaken.”

I also love writing articles that apply my self-awareness and growth perspective to any and all kinds of life situations. You can find them in the tab called “articles”.

In addition to my writing, I’m an Awareness facilitator. I’m all about helping people literally change their future by doing the work of inner transformation.

Are you

  • needing to find some peace and calm after the past couple of years and all of the challenges you faced?
  • curious about turning the ‘stuck’ places within you into opportunities for growth and greater freedom?
  • interested in transcending blocks and reawakening your true essence and higher wisdom?
  • ready to drop old reactive patterns, enjoy less stress and gain more peace and freedom?
  • keen to be able to respond more calmly to life’s challenges instead of repeatedly reacting to triggers in an unconscious way?
  • wanting to finally try or return to meditation?
  • hoping to find a clearer life perspective, as you look back and wonder, “What was all THAT about?”
  • ready to be kind to yourself; to take time out, slow down and come back to that still place beyond all the thoughts and worries of your busy life?

But how to actually FIND that calmness?

Meditation Classes are available in person in Geelong or online

Mindfulness Meditation classes are a good place to start. See the box below to trial some free meditations and explore my next Beginners 6-week course.

Other Inner Work opportunities

No, this is not a job ad, but as you will discover if you click on any of the images below, I offer a smorgasbord of courses and therapies to support you on your journey. Choose your own adventure! What are you drawn to at this time in your life?

For links to all of my articles written with self-awareness, & featured in these publications below, please go to the ‘Articles’ menu item.

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