18. Feelings bubble up

September 18, 2015
Barbara Cook

from my journal entry February 23rd:

“I’m just dancing with these shadows in my heart.” (lyrics by @Tom Francis)

Did I mention that Being In the Moment is not all sunshine and fluffy clouds?

Turn away now if you don’t like the S-word or the F-word.

Surrendering to Feelings.

crystalsToday another friend who’s going through a big change gives me a crystal ‘that we both need at the moment’ ….. what a random thing to happen ! The funny thing is, she can’t remember what it’s called or exactly what it’s for, but just remembers it was relevant; something about moving forward.   I’m not really into crystals, other than appreciating their beauty and variety. I can’t feel any vibrations or anything, but I know some people do, and I have an open mind about that. And if someone has thought about me enough to buy this for me, thank you, thank you.

I pop it straight in my bra.

On another note, in the afternoon, at work, I’m inexplicably starting to feel a bit cranky – it’s as if ‘people out there’ are deliberately being a bit annoying today – ‘giving me the irits’.       Hmmmmm…….. I notice this projection.

Soon after that, I receive an email from my publisher:-   “your diagram-images can’t be used because of copyright issues, please refer to our original email dated blah, blah, blah, please get back to us.”

I’m instantly critical of myself for not paying correct attention to this before sending the manuscript. But hey, this is a nice change— it’s like a weak shadow of that self-flagellation now, and I calmly let that thought go and sort out the problem – it’s no big deal.

After resolving that issue, I’m driving home, and this water starts leaking out of my eyes!

Once at home, I release the feelings that have obviously been bubbling to the surface today.

As I said, skip the next blog post if you can’t handle the F-word.

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