23. Newsflash !

Based on my diary entry February 24, 2015

Before I give you my newsflash, here’s a little aside about

The morning after:- (—after my big release and insights, you remember?)

As I wake up, it’s as if I’m coming out of a dream, and there’s an image of a stucco wall, and up high near the guttering,41 written on the wall is the number 41.   Huh! ….. It’s so clear and insistent that I write it in my journal.

Later that day, I wonder about that strong dream remnant I had this morning – I’ve never had an image of a number before. I suddenly wonder about what the Numerology buffs would make of this. I Google it. (Don’t we live in the most wonderful era – to have all the knowledge in the world at our fingertips!) I find a couple of articles that talk about that number. Now, I’m not into numerology, but I know some people find it really useful, and I have an open mind about that. Here’s what I find out from the numerology website: Angel Number 41 suggests that your thoughts are rapidly manifesting into material form   …… it is a message that the angels are assisting you with aligning your vibrations with your life purpose and soul mission.     Woo – hoo !   Although I’m not into numerology, I choose to take that in as an affirmation that I’m on the right track.

Now, back to my newsflash. After yesterday’s release, I want to talk a little more about the C-word:     skip this part if you don’t want to hear about…..   Crying.                                                                                        Over twenty years ago, I had occasion to move into a new Narnia-world (see blog-post 4) where I discovered that crying was not only OK, but actually good for me! At first this felt completely alien to me (and you’ll see why in Part 3 of my book) but nowadays I welcome it. The sweet release of tears, either of joy or sadness, is as natural to me as breathing. I no longer experience that lump in the throat when watching a movie – I just surrender to it, and let it go. Lovely.

You know that thing that people sometimes do when they touch on an emotion during a TV interview, and then they apologize for crying? That’s right for them, but it seems such a quaint and antiquated notion for me. You won’t find me apologizing for crying in public. For me it’s as natural as laughing. It’s neither good nor bad. It just is. Someone having an episode of crying and wailing like I had yesterday might say they’d had a ‘bad day’. It doesn’t feel like that to me. I just had a day. There was some sadness, and some deep pain.

You won’t see me frozen in constant grief or depression, because once I enjoy the release of my tears, it’s like the passing of a sun shower, and I enjoy the sun once again. There’s no never-ending well of tears, like I once feared. It’s quite simple. Once released, it’s done and dusted. There will be more pain at some point. There will also be joy, boredom, peace, the mundane, elation, and all these will pass … No drama.

Here’s one of those poems that came through meNewsflash way back on August 15, 1990. It must have been when I entered this new-Narnia. I gave it the title


Newsflash !

The world is round.

How ridiculous!

That can’t be.

We’ve known it all this time that it is flat!

Everyone says so. And that’s that!

Newsflash !

It’s all-right to cry !

Not only that,

But seeming strong,

And half-choking on that lump –

Is really weakness.

How ridiculous!

That can’t be.

We all know to swallow it,

To save our loved ones

From having to save us from it.

It’s the noble, good-little-soldier thing to do.

Everyone says so.

And that’s that.

But no!                                                                                                                                        

Get with it.

Don’t look askance and lower eyes

At one who lets it out so freely:

“Poor thing.

There’s something wrong with her.”

Oh, give it up !                                                                                                      

Let it go !

The world’s not flat.

It’s not disgrace to cry,

But sweet relief

When wracking sobs release the lump at last.

You won’t cry forever as you think.

A washing, clearing of the heart

That thought it would break from sweet sorrow.

The lightness of release.

So let’s all cry sweet tears walking down the street.

Let’s let each other have it,

Now we know there isn’t saving to be done.

Oh give it up !

Let it go !

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