November 4, 2015
Barbara Cook

This whole blog post is a real time entry, instead of being based on February’s journal entries.

I’m excited to tell you that I will be having an online book launch at the end of November, and everyone will be invited ! “What’s an online book launch?” I hear you ask. Well it’s an idea that I made up (at least I think I made it up), involving a Youtube clip launched at a particular time on a particular date. I’ll keep you posted.
This Youtube movie will be based on the reinterview book launchal live book launch that I had last Friday 23rd, in front of about sixty of my family and friends.                                                                                                                  It was a truly memorable night, with my wonderful MC Sandra Jelley interviewing me, followed by a little talk by me about the second part of the book.

Molly and Sue



Lastly, two beautiful actors brought Chapter 21 (“The Gift”) to life in a most dazzling fashion!


Jacqui publicistMy colleague and pretend-publicist Jacqui then explained how readers can help get the word out if they’d like to support the book further.

The whole night was magical and heart-warming. So many people commented on the really lovely atmosphere in the room. I am indeed grateful to have love from so many precious people in my life. Their support was palpable. One of my actors, Sue, said they could feel the waves of love and positive vibes coming to them as soon as they stepped onto the stage. I’m intrigued that actors are not New-Agey, psychic types, and yet they all report that they can feel the energy coming from the audience as they perform.crowd book launch

There were many other magical moments connected with this night, starting with how I managed to find these two wonderful actors to do the scene. One of my colleagues is a theatre director, and I asked her whether she thought any actors in Geelong might like to do this little vignette. Three recommendations and three phone calls later, I had my two actors Sue and Molly AND theatre director Zina jump at the opportunity to spend hours and hours of rehearsal bringing my book to life. And they didn’t even know me from a bar of soap!

Another miracle that happened for me was in finding the perfect person to launch my book. It was one of those things that just “fell into place”. I had been having trouble thinking of someone who could do it, and had left it until only a few weeks before. I woke up one morning still with no idea who to ask, but I kind of looked up to the sky and said, “I need someone to launch the book.” Some call this ‘putting it out to the universe’, some people call it praying, and have been doing it all their lives. But all this is pretty new to me, as is the notion of just asking for something and then completely letting go of any outcome. It’s the same mantra from way back in blog post 9: “I align myself with the greater awareness that is driving the outcome of any situation.”

Two mornings later, I was walking the short distance into my workplace from the adjoining street. One of my colleagues, Sandra, who I very rarely run into, literally fell into step beside me as she walked out of her front gate, and we had a lovely chat about my book and all the feelings around publishing it. At the school gate, we said good-bye and the usual “have a nice day.”   Later that morning I had a sudden thought—Sandra is a psychologist working in a school setting. She’d be terrific. I wonder if she would do it. I emailed her. She was immediately excited, supportive and so keen to do it. I went to talk it over with her, and I was amazed to find out that she is a professional MC at various psychological conferences in Melbourne! I could never have found a more perfect MC, but ‘The Universe’ did. I only had to ask, and then let it go.

As for my feelings during the presentation, I have a tendency to put on a slightly fake ‘performer mode’ to cover my nervousness and fear. But for the launch of this deeply personal book, it was important for me to be authentic, if at all possible. Two of my meditation friends kindly agreed to sit beside me and hold my hands during the few minutes of the introduction. With their tingly hands in mine indicating they were ‘doing their thing’ and going into a meditative state, my energy and heart rate calmed down, and I was able to stay centred during the interview.

My list of magical moments concludes with an unexpected response from one of my audience members. Do you remember back in blog post 3 when I said “I would be humbled if it happened to resonate with someone, and affirm what they were experiencing themselves.” One of my friends said to me that seeing the re-enactment of that scene called “The Gift” made her really think about what it is that she is passionate about. She’s been so caught up in work and life that she’s lost touch with that thing that gives her joy and keeps her in the flow.

I am heartened and humbled that something I wrote resonated with her, and that I can affirm her journey. After all, it’s what my friends and I do for each other all the time.

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