29. On My Wavelength

November 27, 2015
Barbara Cook

Based on my journal entry dated February 27, 2015

Heading off to work this morning, I’m wondering how to be ‘in the world but not of it’ – how to reconcile my inner world of meditation and awareness with the everyday world. I still have the inclination to find people who are ‘operating on this level’. There’s also a feeling of, ‘Where’s another blissful meditation experience, where’s another fix?’

Flower standI’ve had this feeling before, like when you go into a florist and you’re hit by that wonderful blast of fragrance, then after a few minutes you can’t really smell it. I notice this addictive thought. That’s it. That’s all I do.

Funnily enough, as the day unfolded, I was living it – living the beautiful connection with so many people. I can’t believe it – seems like EVERYONE is on my wavelength now. Marital Harmony

Wow! But it’s often no big deal, not always a Deep and Meaningful interaction, it just feels normal and natural.


There is an enlivening conversation with a colleague, where I unexpectedly discover he too is interested in the advances in Science and Quantum Physics. What a lovely surprise to have this connection!

There are two beautiful conversations with different friends; real connections, and real sharing of insights back and forth between us. It suddenly feels right to give the entire manuscript to one of these friends to read. It’s another try-out of sharing my whole self with a trusted reader. I am also moved to email a relevant part of my book to the other of these friends, as it seems to reflect everything we’ve talked about together today.

Do you remember that thought that I need to go and be with people on some rarefied ‘higher vibration’? – It seems everyone around me is suddenly relating to me on more of a soul level anyway. It’s not like there’s any sort of ‘hierarchy’. Today has shown me that reconciling my two worlds is not something difficult or scary, I’m not going to ‘lose myself’ or disappear up my own backside. (Redundant-self talking there) I’m not going to have to walk around in a white robe, or shave my head (but that wouldn’t be a big deal, if you’ve read my bio on my website)

Reconciling my two different worlds (inner and outer) is a redundant concept now – something has been reconciled in myself, so being in the world is like being with myself now – it’s simple, loving, gentle, real connections. Just brilliant !

Tonight I suddenly have a lovely, glorious healing feeling in my uterus. It’s hard to explain this sensation, but it’s a completely relaxed, fizzy-fuzzy, nurturing energy, and definitely feels like some kind of healing going on. Can any of you body-workers or chakra-experts out there explain this to me? All I know is that it feels like a Blessing.


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Uѕeful information. Lᥙcky me I found your website by accident, and I аm
shocked why this accident didn’t happened earⅼieг!
I ƅookmarked it.


Well thank you, performer. I’m so glad you are finding it useful. Kind regards, Barbara


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