33. Good News programme

April 1, 2016
Barbara Cook

Based on my diary entries of March 7, 2015

For those of you who have been lurching along with me during the considerable ups and downs after I made the decision to publish my book :-   Are you just aching for another train-wreck of my mind-character?

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m continuing living with a sense of ordinariness, (is that a word?) aiming to be mindful and present in every moment. I wonder if this is the basis for the Zen proverb, ‘Before enlightenment, one chops wood and carries water. After enlightenment, one chops wood and carries water.’

This weekend I mind my two grandchildren. IMG_0845Is there anything more beautiful in this world than being totally in the moment with little kids? Watching their expressions as they play, cracking up with their
hilariously innocent comments: “Please stop singing now, Nana. You’re hurting my ears.”


and the heart-melting feel of a little body twitching and becoming heavy as she falls asleep on my shoulder.




I’m seeing positivity all around me.

I chose to stop watching the evening news a while back now, as I took note of how much negativity there is in the stories they cover, and decided I simply didn’t need it. So now I’ll grab the headlines online, and choose which stories to have a better look at.

Ooh, ooh, I have an idea ! I propose an evening news program of predominately positive stories! We could call it “Good News”.

I know that the positive stories are out there. IMG_0916A great example is Geelong Advertiser’s weekly liftout @GT magazine. It always has great stories of people starting up new businesses or ventures, an inspiration to everyone who feels ready for a life-affirming change. (Thanks for the coverage, @GT)

I remember once accidentally tuning in to a program on the Australian of The Year, seeing all those wonderful people of all ages doing amazing things in our world. It was truly uplifting.

I recently saw an inspirational multi-media presentation on young people giving back to the world after experiencing pain or hardship in their own lives. One was the wonderful Nicole Gibson, who established the very funky @Rogue and Rouge foundation, which supports young people and de-stigmatizes mental illness. Among other things, they run workshops to educate young people about mental health, using art therapy to get in touch with feelings. Absolutely brilliant, ground-breaking, on-trend, and so, so uplifting! I’m sure there are many such stories out there for our Good News program. Does such a program already exist somewhere in the world?

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.55.39 pm

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I dо not even know how I endеd up here,
but I thought this post wаs good. I don’t know who
you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!


Thank you, “fugitive”, for your interest and encouragement.


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