34. More on the “Good News” programme

Based on my diary entries of March 7, 2015clouds

 Last blog post I was proposing a new TV programme. I wonder how such a Good-News programme would go? (“Let’s cross to our man on the ground now. Apparently mandarins are particularly juicy and delicious at the moment.” >>>  Cross to video footage of the green grocer’s shop, with rows of glistening golden fruit……      “And now here’s Deanne to tell us about the beautiful cloud formations today.” )

I’m sure the advertising gurus have analysed this and found something out about the prevailing mental paradigm at this time. Would the advertisers run for the hills?   Possibly.

But can’t someone please do the surveys again? Surely there is a large group of people now who would look forward to a once-a-week Good-news programme. I reckon it would go off like a frog in a sock!

I hate to have to tell you TV-programmers, but the bloggers are way ahead of you on this. There’s a groundswell of subversives who are spreading good news, inspiring quotes, personal stories and positive affirmations all over cyberspace. And people are lapping it up. Here’s one I found recently:

“Passionate writers, admirers of the human spirit, and full time students of life, Marc and Angel Chernoff enjoy sharing inspirational advice and practical tips for life on their popular personal development blog, “Marc and Angel Hack Life.”

Do you have any other favourites?

In the meantime, maybe we could replace the evening TV news with our own family round-up of good-news stories, re-told around the dinner table. I think back to when my children were young. We were constantly finding little things to celebrate.

“A big day today, as Daughter #1 repeatedly attempted the forward somersault on the trampoline. She didn’t fully get it yet, but her persistence was outstanding.”

“Another special moment for 14-year-old Son #1 when, alighting from the bus home from school, he spied a tiny little kid trying to drag a massive great tree branch along the street, crying because his two older siblings had walked off on him in disgust. Son #1 thought it must be really important, so hopped in and offered to help, with little kid happily directing him over several blocks to his house. On arrival, little kid says cheerfully, “Thanks. Now my toy koala can have a house of his own.”  Wry groans from Son #1 having gone to all that trouble, but laughter and love for that empathy and compassion in action.

I have a number of friends whose Facebook pages are full of positive news stories. These are the ones I love; those beautiful people who notice beautiful things – a stunning thunLotus flowerder cloud over the sea near her home,
someone else’s pond with the first newly-opened lotus flower of the season, someone else’s photo of the kitchen bench with preparations for her iconic meal to welcome the start of autumn.

In touch with the simple joy of life. So uplifting.

A real-time note :-   I was astounded to read in yesterday’s AGE newspaper about actress Noni Hazelhurst’s Logie acceptance speech, in which she proposes a TV channel dedicated to positive news stories!   Isn’t it just amazing when lots of people tune into the changing zeitgeist at the same time! Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this fascinating phenomenon in her book   “Big Magic”.

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