48. Hey There, How’s Your Inner Marriage Going?

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Dear blog followers,

Have you heard of the notion of the inner marriage of the masculine and feminine? It’s the idea that within all of us we have both feminine and masculine energies. If this is a new concept for you, this might help:

Have you ever been fascinated with seeing how some women seem to have more ‘male energy’ than others?

Similarly, you may know of men who have a softness about them that does nothing to detract from their masculinity. (Swoon)

In recent years, I’ve come to WONDER about the nature of my own ‘inner male’. It turns out he wasn’t exactly the highest, most wholesome version of what he could be. In fact ‘he’ was a bit harsh and controlling!

If this resonates with you, I invite you to read the whole article I wrote recently, published in “The Coffee Times.” I talk about the ‘lower’ qualities of my inner male and female, how they married up and how this manifested in my world. Just click on this link:


I’m having a wonderful time writing on this platform. Now that I have enough followers and experience, it turns out that every time anyone even reads my story, I earn a little pocket money! How cool is that?!

Bye for now,

Barb xx

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