49. A Higher Love – When My Higher Female and Male are in Balance

Man and woman holding hands. Yin Yang. Inner work. Inner marriage of the feminine and masculine energies. Barbara Cook blog
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Dear blog following family,

This article is a personal story of the higher love that’s happening when the Yin Yang sign is in balance. Oh, you thought I had a new man-friend? No, I’m talking about an internal marrying up of the masculine and feminine energies.

My previous post was about the ‘inner marriage’ that was in place when lower versions of these energies got hitched.

In this one, I describe how my life is shifting, as the higher versions of both female and male energies are more often in place. When ‘they’ have an inner union, the world is a wonderful place! It doesn’t happen all the time, mind you, but I’m learning.

This may sound a bit kooky for you if you haven’t heard this concept before. But not to worry; there’s a section where I simply describe how this plays out in real-life situations.

If this is resonating with or intriguing you, just go to this link and check it out.

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