Awareness Intensive

Now that you’ve spring-boarded your Awareness journey with one of my Awareness Parties, I invite you to our next

Awareness Intensive

a 5-week block of Awareness nights

Thursday evenings, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

These 5 dates: – October 20 & 27 November 3, 10 & 17

It’s not just a chat

Exploring awareness group. Inner work

This block of Awareness nights will not be simply about having a natter, venting or debriefing. It’s about your personal and spiritual growth and development.
As a qualified Mindfulness Meditation facilitator, teacher and Soul Psychotherapist, I will be guiding you into a space where deeper awareness may be accessed.
Your Higher Self has wisdom to share.

We will begin with mindfulness meditation or playful activities to let go of the day and sink into a state of flow.
We will then explore whatever scenarios and issues are arising at that time, within the context of the Levels of Consciousness and Awareness we explored in the introductory Awareness party.

We may also explore any number of soul perspectives that have had a huge influence on my own ongoing healing journey;
* Learning to love our triggers
* Re-parenting the Inner Child
* The marriage of the inner female and male energies within
* The ‘characters’ we created as Protective Behaviours, and how to transcend them now
* Reclaiming our projections for greater freedom
* Manifesting a new you
You will be free to listen and/or share in this non-judgmental atmosphere to whatever extent you feel comfortable.


Your investment in 5 x weekly, one and a half hour evenings for your personal and spiritual growth and development is


OR – $100 if you complete payment by October 14

So if you’ve already kicked off your journey with one of my AWARENESS PARTIES, I invite you to hit this REGISTER button below, to join the next 5-week block of Awareness nights, with like-minded souls ready to re-awaken the essence of their higher selves.

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