47. A New Paradigm for Relationship? Or Just a Funny Movie?

#Breaking the Bias Part 3 “In the final instalment I’ll be exploring a fanciful vision of a future world in which a new paradigm for relationship is the norm. Both the feminine and masculine energies in both women, men and all gender identities are truly aligned and equally valued.“ This was the closing paragraph in … Read more

46. Would You Prefer to Live with THIS Man Then?

Live with THIS man? Man and woman arm in arm. Woman and man sitting together. Barb Cook blog. Geelong vlogger.

#Breaking the bias. Part 2. “Live with THIS man?” What?! Has Barb started a dating site now? No, it’s the second part of that little series on #breaking the internal bias. “I can protest, yell and burn my bra as much as I like in the external world to activate for gender equality, but if a … Read more

#Breaking the bias – Which Man Would You Prefer to Live With?

breaking the bias. Yin Yang. Barbara Cook blog. Inner male. Inner female.

Part 1 Woo hoo! I had my first guest speaker gig a couple of weeks ago. It was for an International Women’s Day event. “#Breaking the bias” was the theme for 2022. I have a confession to make. I’ve been biased in the past. And yes, I’m still working on breaking that same bias. Here’s … Read more

44. Why I Loved it When Will Smith Cried at the Oscars 2022

man crying. Will Smith Oscars 2022. Crying statue. Barbara Cook blog.

In fact, why I identified with it all Why I identified with Jada’s and Will Smith’s reactions when Chris Rock joked about her shaved head with a quip about being in the next GI Joe movie Jada Pinkett Smith is clearly a strong and vibrant woman, comfortable in her own skin and courageously talking about her alopecia … Read more

43. Let’s Re-brand the Sympathy Card

couple sitting by a lake. Peaceful. Barbara Cook blog

Dear blog followers, Here’s Part 2 of my series “From Rescuing to Compassion” The sympathy card for my bereaved friend was just gorgeous — a gentle sunset, with loving words of comfort inside. I added my own personalised message to show my support and love. All the sympathy cards I’ve ever received have been a balm to … Read more

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