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6. Self-love programme

Aug 07 2015

The next day February 8 :-        It’s time for me to stop abandoning myself. “No-one fully understands me, there’s no-one to fully believe in me,” was the old lament. (I can almost see the face of the violinist, over-acting as he accompanies this mournful refrain.) It’s time for me…

5. “I just want an easy life!”

Aug 04 2015

Hello again to my readers, and a warm welcome to anyone who has just joined me in my serial story, based on my journal entries from early 2015. The next day, February 7 :- I bet you thought it would all be hunky-dory now, and she’d be onwards and upwards.…

4. I’ve stepped into Narnia

Jul 30 2015

The next day, February 5 (having decided to publish my book) “The only trouble was, it felt like I’d stepped into Narnia.” Narnia—that world from the story “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. When the children step through the back of the wardrobe they find themselves in a completely…

3. The mind chatter begins

Jul 27 2015

based on my journal entry dated   February 3   2015 “Go ahead and publish this.” …….. “Go ahead and publish this?   What? Are you nuts? You’re not a writer. This could very well only sell fifty copies!” This thought was strong and insistent. The weakened, self-denying feeling that went with…

2. Retrieving my hidden manuscript

Jul 23 2015

Hello again, If you’ve just joined my blog, you may notice that it will be a serial story. I hope you’ll have time to go back and read the first one. You may remember I’d just tucked away my self-therapy story in the top of my wardrobe. Over twenty years…

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