BLOG 38. How reparenting your inner child can create emotional healing and integration in your life.

or “Back to the Future Part 1”   He or she is the young part of yourself that is still inside of you as an adult; the part that jumps with excitement at something amazing, that becomes playful and silly given the right circumstances, and that just loves magical, adventurous and wondrous things. It’s also the part … Read more

Frozen 2 – Not just a kid’s movie but a spiritual parable for our times.

Frozen 2 – Not just a kid’s movie but a spiritual parable for our times. Do the writers of children’s stories REALLY know that they’re creating a spiritual parable for our times?   – exposing the deepest parts of our psyche, to be fully integrated only upon spiritual maturity in later life? The journey Have you had a … Read more

32. Addicted to the peaks and troughs ?

Based on my journal entry of March 6, 2015 I notice that I’m not ‘waiting’ on the next step of the publishing process. I’m just quietly getting on with this blog and the other bits that will be on my website. I must be starting to grow into this idea of being a published author, … Read more

11. Meditation / Mindfulness

The next day February 14   2015 :- As I said last week, “It turns out that all I need to do is surrender my resistance and control, and allow my feelings to come to the surface.” So now there are some lonely, bereft feelings, but here’s something new— there’s mainly an empty space. Not … Read more

9. New neural pathways

If you recall, I’d reaffirmed my commitment to what feels right to me, and had asked the universe for help with this Trusting-business. Based on my journal entries February 12 – 13   2015 :- My dream last night: I’m trekking in the mountains (like our trip to Nepal). There are new and challenging paths. Being … Read more

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