52 The Day I Stopped Saying, “I Feel for You”

From Rescuing to Compassion – Final Part 3 In this little series, I’ve been musing about my journey from Rescuing to Compassion. In Part 1  I noted that ‘helping’ can sometimes be tangled up with ‘rescuing’. In Part 2 I explored the subtle difference in energy between sympathy and empathy and decided that empathy is a clear winner. Empaths There are … Read more

51 How I Shifted from Rescuing to Compassion

couple sitting by a lake. Peaceful. Barbara Cook blog

Dear blog followers, A little while ago, I was musing about my journey from Rescuing to Compassion, and some of the many nuanced words in between.  Many people are doing so much good in the world, being of service to those less fortunate or in trouble. Like them, I’ve always been drawn to ‘helping’ others. However, in my case, I’ve … Read more

49. A Higher Love – When My Higher Female and Male are in Balance

male and female holding hands. Barbara Cook blog

Dear blog following family, This article is a personal story of the higher love that’s happening when the Yin Yang sign is in balance. Oh, you thought I had a new man-friend? No, I’m talking about an internal marrying up of the masculine and feminine energies. My previous post was about the ‘inner marriage’ that … Read more

47. A New Paradigm for Relationship? Or Just a Funny Movie?

#Breaking the Bias Part 3 “In the final instalment I’ll be exploring a fanciful vision of a future world in which a new paradigm for relationship is the norm. Both the feminine and masculine energies in both women, men and all gender identities are truly aligned and equally valued.“ This was the closing paragraph in … Read more

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