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49. A Higher Love – When My Higher Female and Male are in Balance

May 26 2022

Dear blog following family, This article is a personal story of the higher love that’s happening when the Yin Yang sign is in balance. Oh, you thought I had a new man-friend? No, I’m talking about an internal marrying up of the masculine and feminine energies. My previous post was…

48. Hey There, How’s Your Inner Marriage Going?

May 16 2022

Dear blog followers, Have you heard of the notion of the inner marriage of the masculine and feminine? It’s the idea that within all of us we have both feminine and masculine energies. If this is a new concept for you, this might help: Have you ever been fascinated with…

47. A New Paradigm for Relationship? Or Just a Funny Movie?

Apr 27 2022

#Breaking the Bias Part 3 “In the final instalment I’ll be exploring a fanciful vision of a future world in which a new paradigm for relationship is the norm. Both the feminine and masculine energies in both women, men and all gender identities are truly aligned and equally valued.“ This…

46. Would You Prefer to Live with THIS Man Then?

Apr 23 2022

#Breaking the bias. Part 2. “Live with THIS man?” What?! Has Barb started a dating site now? No, it’s the second part of that little series on #breaking the internal bias. “I can protest, yell and burn my bra as much as I like in the external world to activate for…

#Breaking the bias – Which Man Would You Prefer to Live With?

Apr 10 2022

Part 1 Woo hoo! I had my first guest speaker gig a couple of weeks ago. It was for an International Women’s Day event. “#Breaking the bias” was the theme for 2022. I have a confession to make. I’ve been biased in the past. And yes, I’m still working on…

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