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Blog 39. What Kind of Parent Are You to Yourself?

Sep 23 2021

How Reparenting can Heal Your Inner Child to Create More Calm in Your Life Dear blog friends, As promised, here’s the second instalment in my Reparenting series. (I hope you weren’t holding your breath. It’s just been published in a Medium publication called ‘Know Thyself, Heal Thyself’. That link is…

BLOG 38. How reparenting your inner child can create emotional healing and integration in your life.

Aug 04 2021

or “Back to the Future Part 1”   He or she is the young part of yourself that is still inside of you as an adult; the part that jumps with excitement at something amazing, that becomes playful and silly given the right circumstances, and that just loves magical, adventurous and wondrous…

33. Good News programme

Apr 01 2016

Based on my diary entries of March 7, 2015 For those of you who have been lurching along with me during the considerable ups and downs after I made the decision to publish my book :-   Are you just aching for another train-wreck of my mind-character? Sorry to disappoint, but…

29. On My Wavelength

Nov 27 2015

Based on my journal entry dated February 27, 2015 – Heading off to work this morning, I’m wondering how to be ‘in the world but not of it’ – how to reconcile my inner world of meditation and awareness with the everyday world. I still have the inclination to find…

24. This’n’that

Oct 20 2015

Today’s blog is a bit of a medley: a veritable pot pourri of bric-a-brac, based on my journal entry from February 25, 2015 –                               “Last night’s dream: I’ve moved into a new house.” Very cool !  …

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