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18. Feelings bubble up

Sep 18 2015

from my journal entry February 23rd: “I’m just dancing with these shadows in my heart.” (lyrics by @Tom Francis) Did I mention that Being In the Moment is not all sunshine and fluffy clouds? Turn away now if you don’t like the S-word or the F-word. Surrendering to Feelings. Today…

15. Mind-guy heading for redundancy

Sep 08 2015

Based on my journal entry from February 19   2015 So, do you remember I was basking in the sun at my secret beach? And do you remember there were other moments of mind-noise? Remember I briefly mentioned future scenarios? Do you want to know what they were? This is pretty…

12. Sitting with Myself

Aug 28 2015

Based on my journal entry February 14 2015 So there I was, sitting with myself as my feelings came up, allowing them to wash through me. This is in contrast to my past pattern of running off on my inner self, distracting myself with other thoughts or projects, focusing on…

9. New neural pathways

Aug 18 2015

If you recall, I’d reaffirmed my commitment to what feels right to me, and had asked the universe for help with this Trusting-business. Based on my journal entries February 12 – 13   2015 :- My dream last night: I’m trekking in the mountains (like our trip to Nepal). There are…

8. My Whole Self

Aug 14 2015

The next day February 10   2015 :-   So, where was I? Oh yes, having another contraction-thought. “I don’t want to put myself out there. That ‘being an author’ thing—it’s just not you!” (Have a look at blog post number 7, if you want the background to the notion of…

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