Free meditations

Feeling stressed out?

Feel like you need a break from your busy mind?

Do you need to reconnect with your inner Calm?

These free meditations online may be just what you need

Here is my gift to you, in case you can’t get to one of my 6-week Beginners courses.

I invite you to read the descriptions, to choose one that resonates at this time. Then I highly recommend that you repeat that one daily for at least a week.

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(If you ever hear “the group” mentioned, it’s because these meditations were originally offered on Live Facebook posts to a lovely supportive group of people during Covid lockdown, 2020)

Personalized meditations –

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1. “Simple Calm” – 11 minutes.

Releasing the microscopic bodily contractions that result from being in an energy field of fear or uncertainty.

2. Unclenching from fear – 14 minutes.

Gently holding any parts of ourselves that have been in Fear. With particular attention to the face and jaw, we release the clenching that’s been part of the fear response.

3. Peaceful place – 17 minutes

Beyond anything that’s going on in our world at the moment, we can make a choice to spend time each day returning to the peaceful place that lies within.

4. Drifting like the clouds – 15 minutes

I invite you to join me in a moment of cloud-watching; contemplating that our emotions are meant to arise and wash through our bodies, like the ever-changing clouds.

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