Frozen 2 – Not just a kid’s movie but a spiritual parable for our times.

Frozen 2 – Not just a kid’s movie but a spiritual parable for our times.
mqdefaultDo the writers of children’s stories REALLY know that they’re creating a spiritual parable for our times?   – exposing the deepest parts of our psyche, to be fully integrated only upon spiritual maturity in later life?

The journey

Have you had a hint of this story in your life?  In the far-off land of your distant past, you somehow found it necessary to cut off from your emotions and your deepest nature.  You were blanketed over by a deep fog. But something has been calling you to re-awaken your essence. Some part of you is being brave enough and real enough to go within and find the blocks to living a more authentic and magical life.

Frozen 2 – Yes, it’s the HEROINE’S  journey

The wonderful Jean Houston writes about this idea in “The Wizard of Us”.

It’s not the traditional hero’s journey of Star Wars etc, which involves fighting and vanquishing foes, but a journey taken by two heroine sisters.  Between them they embody the requisite qualities of feistiness, determination, softness, resilience, love, willingness to act, courage to uncover the truth, warmth, intuition and magical superpowers.

(It’s no coincidence that in any consciousness-raising spiritual group today, we find numbers skewed towards females, the minority being a certain kind of male who is more in touch with the feminine. They are all taking the heroine’s journey. No swords required. )

The psychic disconnect

There is a disconnect between two ‘lands’:  the regular current-day ‘kingdom’ and a magical world of spirits and nature. These represent the fragmented psyche. Deep within the psyche is a place where the “lower male” has killed off “the feminine” through distrust and trying to gain control. With a seemingly magnanimous gesture to “protect” the inhabitants of this land, he dams up the rivers of emotion and feeling. The two worlds are now separated by a deep and impenetrable fog.

Other writers have posited that Frozen 2 represents the colonization of indigenous peoples.

But I would go further to suggest that those many dispossessions throughout history have been an external expression of what has been the internal landscape for millennia: the internal oppression of the feminine by what I’ll call a “lower” version of the male; one who has no access to the glorious qualities of the “higher male”, but, through fear, resorts instead to control, force, suppression and denial of the internal qualities of feeling, intuition and connection to spirit.     But hey, that’s a whole other SERIES of blog posts!  

The resolution

disney-frozen-2-wallpaper-mural-32142-1-p  Anna the feisty heroine overcomes her fear and, along with the support of her friends, follows Elsa into the blanketing fog.  She follows her intuition at every turn, ultimately orchestrating the pivotal moment when the dam wall is demolished, and the river runs freely again.  (If you’ve ever had a Soul Focused Therapy session,,  you’ll know all about this.)

Meanwhile Elsa, the character with the magical powers, has been repeatedly called by an inner voice (a siren’s song) to find the story as to how the disconnect came about and to reintegrate the two worlds again. She, too, has to listen keenly to her intuition as she overcomes trials and tests in search of the person who is singing the song that keeps calling her. Elsa asks the voice to “show yourself – Let me see who you are.”

 Spoiler alert

Who does she find?  Whose buried stories are the key to integrating the disconnected parts of her psyche? Watch this clip if you haven’t seen the movie yet. It may make your spine tingle as it did mine.

As 2020 begins a new decade, so many people are writing about this era being a time of coming into the fullness of our being. This spiritual parable disguised as a kid’s movie is a signpost for the heroine’s journey; one that will indeed lead to us all ’showing ourselves’ without holding back.

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