In 2016, “Good Choice- A Soul’s Story”  was one of only 3 finalists in the category “New Age- Fiction” in the International Book Awards.

“Good Choice – A Soul’s Story”

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 “So a soul goes into a waiting room …”  It sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? 

No, it’s not a joke, but time for the big adventure. The soul is ready to start life anew. Assisted by consultants Lee and Jo, the soul ponders the many aspects of the physical world, eventually finding the exact placement needed to evolve in this lifetime. Later the four-and-a-half year-old child finds her way into the magical corner shop, where kindly old Mrs. Mills helps her to choose the protective behaviours that will see her safely through childhood.

In Good Choice, author Barbara Cook presents a fictional representation of A Soul’s Story, based on her personal experiences. Depicted through two of the magical and heart-warming consultations at pivotal moments on this soul’s journey, it offers a view of how one’s existence evolves.

What’s “Good Choice” like?

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Is this book for you?

Have you ever mused about how different your life might have been if you’d been born into a different family, a different country or culture, a different era?
Have you ever wondered why other people don’t seem to have to go through the same things as you do?
Have you looked back on parts of your life and realized that tough times happened for a reason?
Have you ever seen the goodness of a person’s soul, but wondered why there is a darker side of their personality that doesn’t reflect their soul qualities?
Have you sensed yourself as a soul inhabiting a body, having an experience in the world? Do you find that your prayer or your meditation helps you on your spiritual path?
Have you done a lot of work on yourself, yet find that your busy bossy mind keeps sabotaging your insights or trying to drag you back to the ‘real world’?
Have you ever asked yourself, “Why, oh why am I going through this same pattern again? I thought I cleared that one ages ago!”
Have you found that some of your behavior patterns that were established early in childhood are simply not working any more, but that you can’t seem to break them?
Are you ready to care for your soul to release emotional blocks?
Are you ready to find a new way, and live to your highest potential?  If so then this book may help.


My author-learning-centre website encourages me to source testimonials from famous people. I don’t know any famous people, but I value these real responses from my early readers more than anything.

“It’s like you are in my head on this journey with me. To see it in words, and to know that you have been here and made it through gives me hope and strength. To know that this is how we feel turns pain into privilege.”
“I feel deeply privileged to have seen your soul. This book develops the consciousness of the soul by uncovering what it has always known, and allowing it to take in the divine essence of its earthly experiences. It is for anyone who wants to be healed from the inside out, to find peace in their heart, to be fulfilled and free.”
“As I read each page I kept saying Yes, Yes! as I saw my life reflected back to me with great clarity and insight. This is for everybody who seeks to gain awareness of their true self, and the influences that have shaped them on this roller coaster journey of life.”
“Wow, Barb…. have just read the first few pages of your book…. am at a loss for words… maybe words like ‘brilliant, gold, Soul material’ get close?! Wooooooooow”
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“Good Choice – A Soul’s Story”

In part 1 of my fictional story, the soul has an appointment with Jo and Lee, the two consultants who will help find the exact placement for that soul to learn the lessons it needs to evolve in this lifetime.

from Chapter 1 –    Attunement

The door to the waiting room sprang open, and out came a burst of sunshine in the form of dear old Lee and Jo. Arms outstretched, they welcomed me into their warm embrace and then, linking arms, led me inside.    “Been waiting long?” Lee asked.       “No, just a bit. Perfect timing,” I replied.      “Wonderful,” Jo said. “It’s so good to have you with us again. Now, just take a seat there between ours and we’ll get started.”

So I’d arrived once more in this warm place, this magical room that had the touch of a true artist. All the wonders of nature had been captured in this one indoor space. One of the walls reminded me of a dense forest, another the inside of a wave, and a third wall was like vast sunburnt spaces. A pile of granite boulders in the corner provided a perfect ledge in front of the window on the other side wall. It looked out to an ever-changing landscape of purple mountains and wildflower-filled plains. In parts, the floor was made of honey-coloured wood, but elsewhere there was thick, springy grass and a carpet of fallen autumn leaves. The light in here was warm and mellow, like sundown. On one side of the room was a round pool of brighter light that seemed to stream in from above.

I was drawn to the middle of the room and into a shimmering pod that enveloped my presence like a womb. Jo and Lee had seated themselves in the plush armchairs on either side of me. The chairs then somehow moved silently into position so that we were in a triangle facing each other and just touching.

They hadn’t changed a bit.  Lee was of an indeterminate age. Her silky long hair seemed to float around her serene and gentle face. Her softly feminine clothes reminded me of a long-ago favourite artwork. But what I remembered most of all was her stillness and strength.   Jo was ageless as well. Like Lee, he was barefoot. He wore quirky clothes in deep jewel-like colours. I could almost feel the rich texture of his jacket. He had a warm and kindly face and an even gaze with a twinkle of humour. But his calm steadiness struck me most of all.

As he spoke, I remembered the comforting depth of his voice: “So, ready for the big adventure, eh?” His wise deep-brown eyes held such a mischievous twinkle that I instantly remembered why I loved these two so much.  Lee was just as pleased about the whole thing. When she smiled, her clear blue eyes sparkled like diamonds. She wore a look of contented expectancy. Just as I thought it, she said, “Well, let’s get started. Let’s get you a body.”

Price: AUD $15.95 soft cover,  ebook also available

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from Chapter 3  – Fortress                                                                                                          Jo nodded for me to go on. I rested quietly in the stillness until an image came to me, and the words came spilling out.    “After gestating in the perfect world of the womb we suddenly find ourselves completely open and porous to a real but imperfect world, dependent on imperfect parents for our very survival. We absorb both the positive and negative energy like a sponge. But this soon becomes untenable because, as children, our brains are not yet able to process the intricacies of the adult world, or the emotions that arise from experiencing either a mild or extreme version of this flawed world. We are easily swamped by these feelings, which we don’t understand and cannot name.”             “Yes, yes, you mentioned the brain,” Lee said excitedly. “Do you remember how your brain works as a child?”               I waited for the memory to come back to me. “As a child I am innocent and naïve. I interpret things in a childlike way. I think of situations as either black or white. I don’t have the maturity of the adult mind to put my world into context. From my observations, I sometimes apply limited or faulty thinking to develop and then harbour mistaken beliefs. Because I am naturally egocentric, I not only feel that the world revolves around me, but also that I am somehow responsible for everything. This leads to a mistaken belief in my power to control and fix my world and everyone in it.              “Ah, the omnipotence of childhood!” Jo laughed.

from later in  Chapter 3 …                                                                                                                   Jo had returned from his reverie and joined in excitedly: “Are we still talking about keys?”             “Yes, my dear, we are. I know you love explaining the next bit, so go ahead,” Lee said.      This was obviously his favourite topic. He resumed talking with gusto: “One of the most potent keys will be the all-important intimate relationship you have. It’s the very best way to learn and grow! The laws of attraction will ensure that you find the exact person who can deliver the specific version of love you need to evolve and to open your heart again. It’s a similar story to choosing your parents.”                “Most of them marry their parents!” Lee said, laughing.                                                                       “Oh yes, indeed,” Jo agreed. “It’s another wonderful replay of the same familiar dynamic. Your partner will have the key to your lock, and vice versa. You may choose to honour the love that’s there by attending to the lessons you need to learn. It could be like a gentle unfolding, or an awakening.” Here he paused and looked across at Lee, who was gazing deep into his eyes as she began speaking in a way that felt like the softest caress: “And if the two people in an intimate relationship are both willing and brave enough, they can be healed bit by bit and be blessed with the flow and ease of giving and receiving a true and clear love. When that happens … ahh …”

Price: AUD $15.95 soft cover,  ebook also available

In Part 3, the four and a half year old child finds her way into the mysterious corner shop, where kindly old Mrs. Mills helps her to understand the journey ahead, and to choose the protective behaviours that will get her safely through this stage.



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