6 weeks of one-hour Mindfulness Meditation classes.
Are you ready to find your calm state within?

Beginners Mindfulness Meditation class Geelong or on Zoom with Barbara Cook
Barb’s MM course – in person or on Zoom

There’s been A LOT to deal with these past two years! 
Have you promised yourself you’d one day learn to meditate, or return to meditation?
Are you finding it hard to sleep, or settle your busy mind?
– Has the busy-ness of the world come rushing back in, sending you into ‘frantic’ mode again?
– Are you yearning to find that calm state within?
Now that restrictions have eased, is it finally time?
Are you interested in exploring Mindfulness Meditation classes in Armstrong Creek, Geelong, or online?
This intensive course is designed to equip you with a toolbox of options. With the support of a solid ongoing practice, you can find an inner calmness and steadiness that allows you to respond rather than react to what life brings.

      My next  6-week Beginners Mindfulness Meditation course will be a Hybrid offering. By that I mean that you can join us in person, at Armstrong Creek, OR on Zoom.

The one-hour classes will be held on THURSDAYS,
at 11 am, or 6 pm depending on what suits people.

Just hit the waiting list button above to secure your place in the next course. I’ll let you know as soon as we have a group together. At last count we’re up to course number 8. 🙂
Be sure to let me know which time you would prefer on a Thursday- 11 am or 6:00 pm. 

What will it be like?

Congratulations on your motivation to explore mindfulness meditation, perhaps for the first time. If you’d like to see what I’m on about, here is a little Youtube sample I’ve made for you to try:

Free meditation sampler

What to expect:

Mindfulness Meditation class Geelong lying down meditating
Mindfulness Meditation class Geelong woman meditating in chair

You do NOT need to sit cross-legged on the floor!  You can sit in a chair, lie down or find any position that is comfortable for you.  So wear comfortable clothes you can sit or lie down in, and bring any cushions or pillows you prefer.

Although I will refer to meditation practices from various world traditions, this course is not aligned with any particular religion or doctrine. 

This is a cumulative course, designed to equip you to develop an ongoing daily practice. In the hour session each week, we will do two different mindfulness meditation techniques, building up a toolbox of options you can use at home. The rest of the time will be spent in theory and discussion, such as learning about the mind, the physiological changes during meditation and what may have prevented you from meditating in the past.

There are plenty of meditation and mindfulness apps online, but the experience of physically sitting in a group energy is much richer. The energetic support of the rest of the group and the depth of my own personal practice has my participants able to sink into a calm, still place easily within the first few weeks.

I am often asked the question, “What’s the difference between meditation and mindfulness?” Meditation carries so many different meanings in different contexts. The various techniques are designed to have a calming effect, promote relaxation, build internal energy and even develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness.  

Mindfulness is more specific. While it does stimulate the relaxation response, its focus is on becoming the witness to the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment. The effect on everyday activities, especially perceived stressful situations, can be profound.

Documented evidence from scientific studies cite the benefits as a lowering of blood pressure, improved immune function, a slowing down of the ageing process, improved skin tone, reduction in muscle tension, better concentration and study, and a decrease in inflammatory stress reaction.   We know from personal experience that mindfulness meditation also takes the edge off stressful situations, balances emotions, develops intuition, and can lead to greater personal growth as events may begin to happen to help you see your blocks and resistances.

If you’d like to get a feel for my energy, here is a little Youtube sample I’ve made for you to try:

Free meditation sampler

Dates and times.

11 am. or 6 pm (Let me know your preference when you register.)

Every Thursday for 6 weeks.

Your investment for the 6-week course

is  $120, to be paid prior to the first session.   Don’t pay anything now. I’ll let you know as soon as we have a group together.

      I guarantee a full refund of your deposit if any issues arise with either of those time options.
To register now, hit the Waiting list button at the top, or you are welcome to text message or chat with me (0409 166 456).

Once we have a group together I will send you the venue address and payment details. Numbers will be limited, to ensure the most benefit for all participants.

Warm regards from  Barb Cook      Diploma Meditation and Mindfulness

Other offerings while you’re waiting for this series to start:
During the challenging time of the Covid 19 pandemic, I offered a number of ways to assist people in returning to their centre; finding a regular dose of  CALM, and connecting with like-minded souls:
  1. There are four free meditations to choose from on this page.
  2. If you’re interested in receiving a personalised meditation for whatever life situation you need help with at this time, just reach out and we’ll arrange a time for your private zoom session.
  3. I provided 14 days of FREE meditations, as Facebook Lives – “Barbara Cook author – Re-awakening Your Essence” . To start accessing these, go to  Day 1 “Simple Calm then follow that Facebook page to access the other 13 at any time. There are headings for each day, including  “You are held”,  and  “Sending love to parts that are broken”.  One of the participants described these as “an oasis of peace each day.”
  4. Join us in our Facebook community who enjoy inspiring posts and updates about upcoming courses. I called the page “Barbara Cook author – Re-awakening Your Essence” Follow my page by clicking on this logo.  
  5. Click on this logo to follow me on Instagram for inspirations and updates.
  6. If you’d like to read my weekly articles published in overseas blogs, click on this Medium logo. There you’ll find my profile, articles and a button you can click to receive my stories via email. (You may need to create a free Medium account)


“For me as a meditation novice, joining Barb in her Zoom meditation seasons was terrific. I was in my own comfy space, I could turn off my camera if I wanted and if I got the jiggles and itches (which I sometimes did), I wasn’t disturbing anyone. Barb is such a lovely, and supportive person and invites you into a calm, gentle and fun online space. Do your mind, body and soul a favour! ”
Michelle MM on Zoom- what's it like?
“Barb holds the meditation space with great depth and light. She guides you safely and with humour and warmth. During lockdown a sense of connection and calmness was available every week with her skilled navigation.”
Stephen from a 2020 participant, during lockdown
“Dear Barb, Thank you so, so, much for the copy of the meditation. I will use it as the basis of my meditation for the next month or so as I found this particular meditation really resonated with me. I really value your gifts from the heart, and I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort you put into all of your work. It is a privilege to receive learnings from you.
Mary about her 6-week course
“I always really looked forward to my meditation class each week as a way to reconnect with who I am and to switch off from the busy working week. Barb provided a calm, welcoming space to explore mindfulness in so many different ways:- meditation, art, touch. This was all experienced with a wonderful group of others wanting to give their minds and bodies a break to improve their health and wellbeing. I really recommend this course if you want to learn more about mindfulness in a safe space. Thanks Barb!”
Grace Grace's experience of her 6-week course:
Dear Barb,
Thank you so much for providing a wonderful series of Meditation and Mindfulness classes.
Prior to coming along I’ve got to admit that I was a little scared of the idea of meditation, and certainly unaware of its benefits, which have already impacted positively on my life.
I find myself looking at things differently and am much more aware of opportunities to be mindful during my day.
You created such a welcoming, calm and comforting environment in which to learn. I truly felt nurtured and re-energised for the week ahead.
I am already recommending your classes to my friends.
Thanks again,

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