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How I came to accidentally write my book ‘Good Choice – A Soul’s Story’

Hello from Geelong, Australia!
My first novella, entitled “Good Choice – A Soul’s Story”  is a personal growth book in the form of a fictional story written from a soul’s point of view. It’s the one I wrote over twenty years ago and kept in the top of my wardrobe. In fact it seemed to write me, coming through me in a rush at all hours of the day and night. Only a subsequent upheaval in my life, and the ensuing burst of compassion, convinced me that it was time to share my story, time to come out of hiding. I suspect that expressing my inner truth would be the best help I could ever give myself.

My book is a result of some insights I’ve had after looking back on my own life, but as you enter my gentle fantasy world, you may find yourself carried along and resonating with parts of the story. It just may open doors to your own personal and spiritual journey. If you, too, have searched for clarity and meaning, when you read my book, you will know that you are not alone.

“Good Choice” was honoured as one of only three finalists in the category “Fiction – New Age” in the 2016 International Book Awards.

A little bit about me

I’m just a regular person, like you. Unlike other authors of personal growth books, I don’t have a string of letters after my name. I’m just bumbling along in life, but with help from all kinds of sources, and my own acute self-reflection, I am thankfully growing and learning from all of my experiences. I value integrity above all else. I now know for sure that my stuck places have absolute integrity and the potential for the greatest growth and freedom.

I wrote this story Good Choice – A Soul’s Story  over twenty years ago or, as I said, it wrote me. Some of it was loosely based on my life, and some of it was based on other lives I observed or imagined. At the time I was undergoing a huge shift in my long-held beliefs and behaviours. I received many insights that gave me clarity and allowed me to grow. One of these discoveries was that by totally surrendering to my feelings rather than trying to change the thoughts around those feelings, I received instant and complete healing. This always led to a greater capacity for joy, love and connection. It seemed that this weird notion went against some of the prevailing psychological practice at the time, and was not shared by anyone else. For a long time I thought, ‘Well, it works for me, but it must be wrong.’ I assumed that the fantasy story that had  come through me did not apply to anyone else but had been merely for my own therapy. I stored it away and never looked at it again.

More than twenty years later I had the beautiful and painful experience of finally finding—then losing—my soulmate. Through the grief and tears, I was eventually able to see that I had to have this experience because it was like a mirror held up to me—there was my past story replayed by someone else right before my eyes! I felt such compassion for all those who are unwilling or unable to challenge their no-longer-helpful beliefs and patterns, who are unable to see that their stuck places are actually a gift; an opportunity for growth. You can read more detail in About Me on this website.

I know that my book was a snapshot of my awareness up to that point in my development. It was a little piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It could have been quite a different book if I’d waited another ten years. In fact I feel that the older I get, the less I know. But I do know that the time was right then for me to share my view of a soul’s story.

I know that there are so many people in the world at the moment waking up, learning from teachers, finding their own answers, writing blogs, resonating with others, and sharing their own piece of the puzzle. I am fascinated to hear of other people’s growth and the myriad of ways they are going about it. I am intrigued that at this point in history there seems to be both a movement towards autonomously claiming our personal and spiritual growth in our own unique way, as well as the explosion of technology and social media to support this. I don’t believe we need a degree in order to aspire to become an expert on our own lives. We can support and encourage each other, simply by being ourselves.

I have no qualifications, other than being a passionate spirit, striving to live an authentic and integrous life.

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