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How to Teach Good Sportsmanship to Your Kids

In Woman Bee Well magazine

The Gratitude Vibration

In Bui Bui magazine

The Antidote to Toxic Positive Psychology

In MEDIUM publication Be Yourself

“Consciously Aware at the START of a Relationship? How does THAT work out?”

Episodes 1 & 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Final episode 5

Finding a New Home Within

“Finding a New Home Within”

From Rescuing to Compassion – 3 part serial

Part 1 – “From Rescuing to Compassion”

Part 2 – “Let’s re-brand the Sympathy Card”

Part 3 – “The Day I Stopped Saying, ‘I feel for you’

“Just Be Happy – Yeah, Right!” – The antidote to toxic positivity

In MEDIUM publication Thoughts and Ideas

“Kids Movies – Spiritual Parables for our times”

“Who Are You Calling Ugly?”

How to Emerge from Isolated Internalising to Connected Public Sharing

It Starts with Just One Drop – Stalactites don’t just happen overnight.

In MEDIUM publication Mindfully Speaking

Poems from my Mental and Spiritual Self

“Standard Format” (a spirituality that is feminine)

When I was a Sperm

When I was an Egg Cell

“This Meditation Stuff is Nonsense.” she said

I Had to Love My Elderly Mum Through her Ipad Screen

In MEDIUM publication Know Thyself, Heal Thyself

What Kind of Parent Are You To Yourself?

What Kind of Parent Are You To Yourself? Part 2

“How Reparenting Your Inner Child can Create Emotional Healing and Integration in Your Life”

“How my Inner Parent Held and Healed my Inner Child”

“Why I Loved it When Will Smith Cried at the Oscars

Ageism Sucks – Especially if I’m Doing it to Myself

In MEDIUM publication Boomerangs

“An Introduction to Myself – Why I am Writing for Medium”

“Is Your Creative State Trance-like?”

In MEDIUM publication The Writing Cooperative

In MEDIUM publication The Writers’ Blokke

Diary of an Accidental Writer

So You’re Half-thinking of Maybe Publishing That Book?

Dear Friends, I invite you to join a New World of Reading

When I Joined Medium I Didn’t Expect to Fall in Love

Why I Declined to Squeeze into Their Writing Style Guide

In MEDIUM publication Hope Healing Humour

Who is that Chic Woman Giggling Hysterically in Reception at the Luxury Resort?

Trying to Fit Into a Toddler Suit That I’ve Outgrown

In MEDIUM publication Dancing Elepahants

Collaborating, Connecting and Dancing Together? What’s not to like about that?

In MEDIUM publication Coffee Times

BREAKING THE BIAS – 2 part serial

Part 1“Which Man Would You Prefer to Live With?”

Part 2 “Would You Prefer to Live with THIS Man Then?”

Part 3 “A New Paradigm for Relationship? Or Just a Funny Movie?”

Hey There, How’s Your Inner Marriage Going?

A Higher Love — When My Higher Female and Male are in Balance

How I Helped my Friends Understand Medium – and You Can Share

In MEDIUM publication – About Me Stories

About Me – Barbara Cook


“Good news stories. How to raise your vibration above the nightly news”

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