Soul focused psychotherapy

Soul Focused Psychotherapy – an opportunity for growth. Now available in person in Geelong, or securely online worldwide through Zoom

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why, oh why am I going through this same pattern again, either through relationships or at work? I thought I cleared that issue ages ago!”

  • Have you ever seen the goodness of a person’s soul, but wondered why there is a different side of him or her that doesn’t seem like the real person you know is inside?
  • Are the behaviours of “people out there” ‘making you’ mad, sad or incredulous?
  • Have you found that some of your behaviour patterns that were established early in childhood are simply not working any more, but that you can’t seem to break them?
  • Are you wanting a life that has less ups and downs and more balance and calm?
  • Or have you come to a comfortable position but are now left with a nagging feeling that there’s something missing?
  • Have you and your partner come to an impasse, a seemingly insurmountable build-up of issues that can’t be resolved?
  •  Maybe you’re at a crisis point. You may feel crushed and broken by recent events that have rocked your world.
  • Are you ready to care for your soul to release emotional blocks?
  • Are you ready to find a new way, and live to your highest potential?

Soul psychotherapy in Geelong. Woman having a conversation with her therapist

A ground-breaking type of therapy

Soul Focused Psychotherapy is a ground-breaking type of therapy, one that quickly gets to the  heart of your issue and leads to deep and lasting transformation.

It goes beyond the intellectual analysis of a situation, gently and wisely offering the opportunity to uncover the emotional charge that is leading to a kind of “stuckness” within you.

You can find a curiosity about turning crisis into the opportunity for growth and transcending old patterns.

In a partnership, the recurring issues that are causing distance between you can be seen as an exciting opportunity to uncover what’s really going on beneath the surface. There is real potential for reconnecting in a clearer way.

Once the charge of this old history is released, your own higher wisdom is accessed to open up a new way of being in the world of the present.  It is a gentle process, taking place at your own pace.

I’ve included a little video at the bottom of this page to explain more.

My own regular sessions with my soul psychotherapist are like four Talking Therapy sessions in one, and have led to internal shifts that have literally changed my life – from helpless, blind reacting to a freedom to respond anew to any situation.

I now have a deep compassion and love for my life’s journey and lessons.

I work with individuals and couples who are ready for real change.


Your investment for a one-hour session –  $100

New clients – I offer your first two sessions at a reduced cost of $80 per session.

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