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24. This’n’that

Oct 20 2015

Today’s blog is a bit of a medley: a veritable pot pourri of bric-a-brac, based on my journal entry from February 25, 2015 –                               “Last night’s dream: I’ve moved into a new house.” Very cool !  …

23. Newsflash !

Oct 13 2015

Based on my diary entry February 24, 2015 – Before I give you my newsflash, here’s a little aside about The morning after:- (—after my big release and insights, you remember?) As I wake up, it’s as if I’m coming out of a dream, and there’s an image of a…

22. “Let it Go, Let it Go”

Oct 06 2015

As I said earlier, before my digression into “Releasing Feelings 101”, I had been at work experiencing some crankiness, and then some water started leaking out of my eyes on the drive home. I know this is related to the grief process I’m going through, so once at home, I…

20. Releasing emotions – Laugh, Dance, Draw

Sep 25 2015

On Tuesday I was talking about releasing the emotional energy that’s locked in my body. Sometimes it’s happened through the gift of humour. Comedians provide a wonderful therapy service for us all, as we get to see our human foibles up there on stage, with a shared sense from the…

19. Releasing Feelings 101

Sep 22 2015

based on my journal entries, still on February 23, 2015 – Last Friday’s blog post finished with “Once at home, I release the feelings that have obviously been bubbling to the surface today.” ‘Releasing the feelings’ – that sounds like an interesting concept, doesn’t it? But how do you do…

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