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46. Would You Prefer to Live with THIS Man Then?

Apr 23 2022

#Breaking the bias. Part 2. “Live with THIS man?” What?! Has Barb started a dating site now? No, it’s the second part of that little series on #breaking the internal bias. “I can protest, yell and burn my bra as much as I like in the external world to activate for…

34. More on the “Good News” programme

May 16 2016

Based on my diary entries of March 7, 2015  Last blog post I was proposing a new TV programme. I wonder how such a Good-News programme would go? (“Let’s cross to our man on the ground now. Apparently mandarins are particularly juicy and delicious at the moment.” >>>  Cross to…

22. “Let it Go, Let it Go”

Oct 06 2015

As I said earlier, before my digression into “Releasing Feelings 101”, I had been at work experiencing some crankiness, and then some water started leaking out of my eyes on the drive home. I know this is related to the grief process I’m going through, so once at home, I…

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