33. Good News programme

Based on my diary entries of March 7, 2015 For those of you who have been lurching along with me during the considerable ups and downs after I made the decision to publish my book :-   Are you just aching for another train-wreck of my mind-character? Sorry to disappoint, but I’m continuing living with a … Read more

32. Addicted to the peaks and troughs ?

Based on my journal entry of March 6, 2015 I notice that I’m not ‘waiting’ on the next step of the publishing process. I’m just quietly getting on with this blog and the other bits that will be on my website. I must be starting to grow into this idea of being a published author, … Read more

24. This’n’that

Today’s blog is a bit of a medley: a veritable pot pourri of bric-a-brac, based on my journal entry from February 25, 2015 –                               “Last night’s dream: I’ve moved into a new house.” Very cool !   To me, these house dreams … Read more

19. Releasing Feelings 101

based on my journal entries, still on February 23, 2015 – Last Friday’s blog post finished with “Once at home, I release the feelings that have obviously been bubbling to the surface today.” ‘Releasing the feelings’ – that sounds like an interesting concept, doesn’t it? But how do you do it? From my experience there’s … Read more

18. Feelings bubble up

from my journal entry February 23rd: “I’m just dancing with these shadows in my heart.” (lyrics by @Tom Francis) Did I mention that Being In the Moment is not all sunshine and fluffy clouds? Turn away now if you don’t like the S-word or the F-word. Surrendering to Feelings. Today another friend who’s going through … Read more

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