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Nov 04 2015

This whole blog post is a real time entry, instead of being based on February’s journal entries. I’m excited to tell you that I will be having an online book launch at the end of November, and everyone will be invited ! “What’s an online book launch?” I hear you…

17. My book – OUT NOW !

Sep 15 2015

I pause here from the February journal entries to post a real-time note, September 14: My book  “Good Choice    A Soul’s Story”   is OUT NOW !   People can actually buy it !   Last Monday I received a package which looked suspiciously like a book. I wasn’t expecting it to…

13. Why did I start this blog?

Sep 01 2015

  Based on my journal entry February 17, 2015 No, it’s OK, it’s not another one of those negative ranting laments. I’m just writing about how this came about—it’s a blog about the blog. After the shocking realisation that, in order to ‘put my book out there’, I would need…

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