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Blog 41. How my Inner Parent Held and Healed my Inner Child

Jan 13 2022

Can you create a different future for yourself by changing your self-talk? If you’ve been reading my recent serial about Reparenting Your Inner Child, you may have enjoyed a much deeper exploration of this well-worn concept and self-help hack of ‘changing your self-talk’.  You may have resonated with the notion…

Blog 40. What Kind of Parent are you to Yourself? Part 2

Oct 04 2021

Part 2. The Put-down lists and the pay-offs Following on from my little series about Reparenting Your Inner Child, here is the link that will take you directly to the next instalment, as published in “Know Thyself, Heal Thyself”. Or you can watch the Youtube version at the bottom of…

Blog 39. What Kind of Parent Are You to Yourself?

Sep 23 2021

How Reparenting can Heal Your Inner Child to Create More Calm in Your Life Dear blog friends, As promised, here’s the second instalment in my Reparenting series. (I hope you weren’t holding your breath. It’s just been published in a Medium publication called ‘Know Thyself, Heal Thyself’. That link is…

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