42. How to Emerge from Isolated Internalising to Connected Public Sharing?

blossoming. Writing. Blogger Barbara Cook. Sharing. Fantasy girl on a sing inside a book.

Be like the blossom tree Dear blog subscribers, Here’s a little article I wrote recently on Medium. For all of you who are sharing your whole self in the world right now, I celebrate with you. Yaaay for us! “Why do I write?” This was a great question asked recently on a newsletter I subscribe … Read more

16. Self Love Programme continues

Based on my journal entries from back on   February 20, 2015 I’ve had another lovely day today of connecting with an old friend, and we are effortlessly having a real heart conversation, talking about our similar childhoods, and she’s really opening up to me, for the first time. I never really thought she (or many … Read more

14. Living in the Moment

February 19   2015 This afternoon I discover a new swimming spot, right on my doorstep. I can’t believe I didn’t know this was here! It’s a glorious day, the water temperature is perfect, and there’s not a soul in sight. It’s peaceful and still. I could be on a deserted island. I float on my … Read more

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