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#Breaking the bias – Which Man Would You Prefer to Live With?

Apr 10 2022

Part 1 Woo hoo! I had my first guest speaker gig a couple of weeks ago. It was for an International Women’s Day event. “#Breaking the bias” was the theme for 2022. I have a confession to make. I’ve been biased in the past. And yes, I’m still working on…

22. “Let it Go, Let it Go”

Oct 06 2015

As I said earlier, before my digression into “Releasing Feelings 101”, I had been at work experiencing some crankiness, and then some water started leaking out of my eyes on the drive home. I know this is related to the grief process I’m going through, so once at home, I…

18. Feelings bubble up

Sep 18 2015

from my journal entry February 23rd: “I’m just dancing with these shadows in my heart.” (lyrics by @Tom Francis) Did I mention that Being In the Moment is not all sunshine and fluffy clouds? Turn away now if you don’t like the S-word or the F-word. Surrendering to Feelings. Today…

17. My book – OUT NOW !

Sep 15 2015

I pause here from the February journal entries to post a real-time note, September 14: My book  “Good Choice    A Soul’s Story”   is OUT NOW !   People can actually buy it !   Last Monday I received a package which looked suspiciously like a book. I wasn’t expecting it to…

11. Meditation / Mindfulness

Aug 25 2015

The next day February 14   2015 :- As I said last week, “It turns out that all I need to do is surrender my resistance and control, and allow my feelings to come to the surface.” So now there are some lonely, bereft feelings, but here’s something new— there’s…

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