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What do I mean by Your Soul Story?

Have you ever had times in your life where you came out of an experience thinking, “What was all THAT about?!”   Or perhaps you have found yourself repeating an old pattern and thinking, “Not THIS again!  I’ve already dealt with that issue BEFORE !” The premise of the “Your Soul Story” workshop series is that you’ve been in the lead role of your own mythic story and your soul has been offering you opportunities for growth all along. 

Is it a writing course?

  This is not a writing course, but a series of FOUR fun-filled workshops where I will provide a framework and open up a space that will playfully awaken your creativity and inner wisdom in various ways.  As an author, meditation teacher, soul psychotherapist and “creative midwife”, I will be leading you on an inner journey to connect with your Higher Self, with the purpose of uncovering your own unique view of how your existence has been unfolding. 

We are NOT trying to literally WRITE your own book; in fact you may do a lot or very little writing. There will be games, laughter, drawing, painting, guided meditations, mindfulness practices, jokes, discussion, music, playing, writing, image searches, investigations into consciousness, movement and who knows what else?  You will always be free to participate at your own level.  

The backstory

Twenty years ago, after a challenging time in my life, I was awoken at all hours of the night to write my book “Good Choice – A Soul’s Story.” As I wrote, there appeared on the page before me NOT a blow by blow description of what had happened; rather a series of imaginary encounters written from my soul’s point of view.  I was healed on many levels by gaining a new perspective and enormous insight into why things unfolded as they did.

Now I would love to lead you into some of these imaginary encounters, along with many other activities especially designed to get you out of your thinking mind and into a gentle, expansive, creative space through which your own inner wisdom can arise.  I trust that when YOU enter this world for yourself, you too will receive answers and images that will provide context about your journey.

Venue – Armstrong Creek to be advised 

Online Course

As well as this in-person offering, an ONLINE COURSE is in development, so if this is your preference, please register your potential interest in this by clicking the button at the top of this page. 

Dates and Times

It’s a sequential course, over four weekly sessions.

SUNDAYS, 4 – 5:30 pm, to be confirmed. If you have a preference for a different day and time, please let me know in your email message on the registration form. (the button at the top)

THESE DATES – TO BE CONFIRMED, once our list is full.

Investment for this 4-week Soul Story course –

$180, including all materials

However, as a thank you for helping me with planning, if you register your potential interest before the actual launch date, then you won’t need to pay until the launch, but simply registering will lock in

your early bird investment price of $120. That’s 33% off. 

I will be limiting numbers, to allow for a rich experience for all participants.

To have a chat or to book in, please don’t hesitate to email me  barbaracookauthor@gmail.com  or  you can phone me on 0409 166 456

Here are some testimonials that show how readers were affected by entering the gentle fantasy world of my book:

“Have you ever wondered how programs for happiness are established early in childhood? Perhaps you have noticed that such programs are difficult to break later in life? If so then this book may help. The book also shows how the journey to dismantle these programs leads you to your highest potential. This journey is a spiritual one and reading about one soul’s journey just may open doors to your own journey.”       Marise

“This develops the consciousness of the soul by uncovering what it has always known, and allowing it to take in the divine essence of its earthly experiences. It is for anyone who wants to be healed from the inside out, to find peace in their heart, to be fulfilled and free.”    – Maree

“As I read each page I kept saying Yes, Yes!  as I saw my life reflected back to me with great clarity and insight. This is for everybody who seeks to gain awareness of their true selves, and the influences that have shaped them on this roller coaster journey of life.”  – Chris

“What a gentle, wise gift to yourself and to your readers. And it goes further than that of course, as those who read it and are challenged, affirmed, encouraged or whatever by this ‘story’ will be changed and the effects will ripple out, co-creating transformation and growth in themselves and in their life circles and on and on it will go. The capacity for soothing voices, laughter and touch for grounding and assisting with the experience of learning to resonate with another and thus learn healthy self regulation of our nervous systems (and the importance of healthy adults in childrens’ lives) is something that resonated with me on my first read of “Good Choice.” I too had a more reliable model in our family dog and horses than most of the dis-regulated adults in my early life.” – Sandy

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