Awareness Party

Gosh, this party filled quickly!

We had a wonderful afternoon, with gorgeous souls ready to discover Levels of Consciousness and awareness. Have a look at a testimonial: – below, just before the video.

I’m now building a list for the next one. Hit the button below to register your interest. I’ll let you know as soon as we have a group together.

Let’s party! Is this awareness party for you?

  • Do you have a keen interest in awareness about yourself and others?
  • Are you stuck in repeated patterns or triggers? Are you interested in exploring and clearing these triggers and creating a space for embodying the highest version of yourself?
  • Have you ever seen the goodness of a person’s soul, but wondered why there is a different side of him or her that doesn’t seem like the real person you know is inside?
  • Are the behaviours of “people out there” ‘making you’ mad, sad or incredulous?
  • Are you in a good place but sensing there is something missing?
  • Are you seeking clarity about life’s issues and why others interact as they do?
  • Are you ready for a new perspective that has the potential to free you from unconscious reacting and lead to calmer, more present responding in the moment?
  • Are you ready for fun and creative activities in a supportive environment to explore our common humanity?
  • Are you drawn to personal and spiritual growth, without attachment to a particular dogma?
  • Have you ever been amazed to discover that a long-held belief is not necessarily true? Have you enjoyed greater freedom when you’ve examined and let go of old beliefs that are no longer serving you?
  • Maybe you’re at a crisis point. You may feel crushed and broken by recent events that have rocked your world.
  • Are you interested in both raising your vibration and taking a deeper dive into Awareness with other like-minded souls?
  • Are you curious about transcending your past and having a freer, more fulfilling life?


” I attended an ‘Awareness Party’ run by Barb Cook. This was an opportunity to be introduced to a method of connecting and communicating that recognises and responds to the energy present in any relationship. Barb was exceptionally well organised, welcoming and informative. Content was delivered in an interesting and interactive manner  as we considered how to evolve to higher states of awareness with the help of a periodic table. This ‘Map of Consciousness’ helps to identify at what level we are interacting. Together with Barb’s knowledge and wisdom a delicious home made afternoon was provided, new and interesting people were met and skills acquired. We were all given helpful print outs which summarised the content of the afternoon and included a relevant reading list. I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who is looking to connect with Self through exploring language and energy. ” — Maree Ann

I explain more in this video, and reading further below that.

Not just a natter or a lecture

This Awareness party is about your personal and spiritual growth and development. It’s for people who are awakening to a deeper awareness and seeking to gain a clearer life perspective.

Qualified Mindfulness Meditation facilitator, author, teacher and Soul Psychotherapist Barb Cook will be introducing you to the exciting idea of Levels of Consciousness; that you are NOT this disaster, that discomfort, this lashing out or that sadness, but they are vibrational or energy states that you can be sitting in at any time.
We will also dip into the more detailed Awareness Code that complements this framework and has been called “a revolution in awareness” for leaders.

If it sounds like a lecture, it’s not. Under Barb’s guidance, you will be invited into an experiential, interactive, fun environment with activities designed to guide you into a space where deeper awareness may be accessed.

Your higher self has wisdom to share.

And because it’s a party, there may even be cake!

When and Where

Armstrong Creek, Geelong. Venue to be confirmed.
A one-off, two-hour party.

3 – 5 pm on a Sunday. Date to be confirmed once we have a group together.

Investment – $60

Your investment in this 2-hour party for your personal and spiritual growth and development is $60

However I offer a sliding scale of Early Bird discounts, as a thank you for paying early, which allows me to confirm that the class will run.

If you are joining the waiting list now, DON’T PAY ANYTHING YET, but once I confirm that we have the numbers to run the next party, you will be automatically offered the Earliest Bird price of


I invite you to jump on board and hit this REGISTER button below.

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your locked-in investment price, and a reminder closer to the Pay-By date.

But wait! There’s more! . . . If you’re drawn to further connection on this level, have a read below this image.

awareness party. People jumping for joy. Barbara Cook blog.
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Your AWARENESS PARTY is a springboard

If you’ve done one of my 2-hour Introductory Awareness parties, and are just itching to explore further, you are welcome to join us for our

5-week block of Awareness nights

Thursday evenings, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

These 5 dates: – October 20 & 27 November 3, 10 & 17

Not just a chat

Exploring awareness group. Inner work

This block of Awareness nights will not be simply about having a natter, venting or debriefing. It’s about your personal and spiritual growth and development.
As a qualified Mindfulness Meditation facilitator, teacher and Soul Psychotherapist, I will be guiding you into a space where deeper awareness may be accessed.
Your Higher Self has wisdom to share.

We will begin with mindfulness meditation or playful activities to let go of the day and sink into a state of flow.
We will then explore whatever scenarios and issues are arising at that time, within the context of the Levels of Consciousness and Awareness we explored in the introductory Awareness party.

We may also explore any number of soul perspectives that have had a huge influence on my own ongoing healing journey;
* Learning to love our triggers
* Re-parenting the Inner Child
* The marriage of the inner female and male energies within
* The ‘characters’ we created as Protective Behaviours, and how to transcend them now
* Reclaiming our projections for greater freedom
* Manifesting a new you
You will be free to listen and/or share in this non-judgmental atmosphere to whatever extent you feel comfortable.

Can’t make it in person? Ask me about Zoom.


Your investment in 5 x weekly evenings for your personal and spiritual growth and development is


OR – $100 if you complete payment by October 13.

So if you’ve already kicked off your journey with one of my AWARENESS PARTIES, I invite you to hit this REGISTER button below, to join the next 5-week block of Awareness nights, with like-minded souls ready to re-awaken the essence of their higher selves.

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